Map Guide to Improved Trout Waters of Minnesota and Iowa
By Dave Vetrano and Todd Hanson

Here's a sample of the detailed maps you'll find throughout this book...

As you see, this book has the same great information on trout improvement sites and public access as our Wisconsin map guide. But we've made some improvements:

  • Road names are shown in capital letters for easier readability,
  • Text sizes have been increased throughout the book,
  • Trout stream lines have been widened,
  • The red borders along streams that show easements have been widened for greater clarity, and
  • Streams are sub-grouped by county throughout the book.
We've also included a series of county-level maps that give you a better "lay of the land." These county-level maps show where trout streams are located with respect to each other...



Iowa streams
Our book has a map for every "official" trout stream in Iowa. An official Iowa trout stream is one where there is public access. In Iowa, if a private landowner owns the land along a trout stream, that landowner also owns the stream bottom. Trout fishers may not wade in or walk along such a stream without permission. That's one of the reasons why our book is so important -- you'll know just where you can fish if you don't care to go knocking on doors.

Our book includes maps for ALL official Iowa trout streams, including:

Allamakee Co.
Bear Cr. 7
Clear Cr. 4
Duck Cr. 7
French Cr./W. Br. French Cr. 4
Hickory Cr. 5
Little Paint Cr. 6
Paint Cr. 6
Patterson Cr. 6
Pine Cr. aka Paint Cr. 27
Silver Cr. 4
Suttle Cr. 5
Waterloo Cr. 7
Wexford Cr. 7
Yellow R. 5
Clayton Co.
Baron Spring 10
Bear Cr. (near Edgewood) 11
Bloody Run 8
Brownfield Cr. 15
Buck Cr. 9
Cox Cr. aka Alderson Hollow Cr. 10
Ensign Cr. aka Ensign Hollow 10
Hewett Cr. 10
Kleinlein Cr. aka Spring Cr. 10
Maquoketa R., Upper 12
Miner’s Cr. 11
Mossy Glen Cr. 11
North Cedar Cr. 13
Pine Cr. 15
Pine Cr. (in southern Clayton Co.) 15
Sny Magill Cr. 13
South Cedar Cr. 13
Steeles Br. 15
Turkey R. (NW of Elkader) 14
Delaware Co.
Elk Cr. See Twin Bridges 15
Fountain Springs 15
Grimes Hollow Cr. aka Bloody Run 16
Little Turkey R. 16
Richmond Springs 12
S. Br. Fountain Springs Cr. 15
Schechtman Br. 15
Spring Br. aka Bailey’s Ford 16
Twin Bridges (Elk Cr. within Twin
Bridges Park) 15
Twin Springs Cr. 15
Dubuque Co.
Bankston Cr. aka Middle Fk. Little
Maquoketa R. 17
Catfish Cr. aka Swiss Valley Cr. 17
Monastery Cr. 17
Point Hollow Cr. aka White Pine Cr. 16
Fayette Co.
Bear Cr. (near Wadena) 18
Bell Cr. 19
Brush Cr. 18
Dutton’s Cr. 19
Glover’s Cr. 19
Grannis Cr. 18
Mink Cr. 18
Otter Cr. 19
Howard Co.
Bigalk Cr. 19
Jackson Co.
Big Mill Cr. 20
Brush Cr. 21
Little Mill Cr. 20
S. Fk. Big Mill Cr. 20
Storybook Hollow Cr. 20
Linn Co.
McLoud Run 21
Mitchell Co.
Spring Br. 22
Turtle Cr. 22
Wapsi R. 23
Winneshiek Co.
Bear Cr., North, Middle, and South 24
Bohemian Cr. 24
Canoe Cr. 25
Cold Water Cr. 26
Coon Cr. 28
Dry Run 27
Dunning’s Spring 27
East Pine Cr. 26
North Canoe Cr. 25
Pine Cr. 26
Silver Cr. 26
South Pine Cr. 27
Trout R. 28
Trout Run 27
Twin Springs Cr. 27

Minnesota streams

Our book has a map for every Minnesota trout stream in which we've identified habitat improvement sites. Most of these lie in the southeastern portion of the state encompassing the Driftless Area. These include:

Becker Co.
Straight R. 31
Cory Brook 32
Stony Brook 32
Dakota Co.
Pine Cr. 33
S. Br. Vermillion R. 34
Trout Brook 33
Vermillion R. 34
Fillmore Co.
Big Springs Cr. 35
Camp Cr. 36
Camp Hayward Cr. 35
Canfield Cr. 39
Crystal Cr. 36, 39
Diamond Cr. 37
Duschee Cr. 37
Etna Cr. 38
Forestville Cr. 39
Gribben Cr. 37
Kedron Cr. 38
Little Jordan Cr. 38
Lost Cr. 38
Lynch Cr. 58
Maple Cr. 40
Nepstad Cr. 40
Partridge Cr. 36
Rice Cr. 58
S. Br. Etna Cr. 38
S. Br. Root R. 36
S. Br. Root R. (headwaters) 39
S. Fk. Diamond Cr. 37
S. Fk. Root R. 40
Torkelson Cr. 35
Trout Run Cr. 58
Watson Cr. 36
Willow Cr. 36, 39
Wisel Cr. 40
Goodhue Co.
Hay Cr. 41
Spring Cr. (near Red Wing) 41
Houston Co.
Badger Cr. 42
Ball Park Trib. 44
Beaver Cr. 42
Bee Cr. 43
Crooked Cr. 44
Daley Cr. 45
E. Br. Beaver Cr. 42
Ferndale Cr. 45
Goetzinger Trib. 44
New Yorker Hollow Cr. 46
S. Fk. Crooked Cr. 44
Swede Bottom Cr. 42
W. Br. Beaver Cr. 42
Winnebago Cr. 46
Hubbard Co.
Kabekona R. 47
Pokety Cr. 47
Stall Cr. 47
Nicollet Co.
Seven Mile Cr. 48
Olmsted Co.
Mill Cr. 48
Whitewater R., Middle Br. aka Crow Springs 60
Wabasha Co.
Cold Spring Brook 52
East Indian Cr. 49
Gilbert Cr. 50
Long Cr. 51
Mazeppa Cr. 52
Middle Cr. 51
Miller Cr. 50
Snake Cr. 49
West Indian Cr. 51
Washington Co.
Brown’s Cr. 52
Old Mill Stream 53
Valley Branch 53
Valley Cr. 53
Winona Co.
Ahrensfeld Cr. 57
Beaver Cr. 59
Burns Valley Cr., E. & W. 55
Cedar Valley Cr. 56
Coolridge Cr. 57
Ferguson Cr. 57
Garvin Brook 54
Gilmore Cr. 55
Hemmingway Cr. 57
Little Pickwick Cr. 56
Pickwick Cr. 56
Pine Cr. 57
Pleasant Valley Cr. 55
Rollingstone Cr. 54
Ruprecht Cr. 54
Rush Cr. 57
Stockton Valley Cr. 54
Trout Run Cr. (headwaters) 58
Trout Run Cr. (in Whitewater State Park) 60
Whitewater R. 59
Whitewater R., Middle Br. aka Crow Springs 60

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